I am Egoy, a freelance web designer and front-end web developer based in the Philippines. Most of the time I build websites and create designs. I focus my services for those startup professionals who would like to have their own online presence.

Other than designing and creating websites, I also have a passion for other design stuff, I mean a different kind of designs like creating artwork for stickers, posters, t-shirts, etc. I really want to improve my design skills in this area, it’s not for additional earnings but for myself. I think having something personalized made for yourself that has value in it is much better than buying expensive stuff.

I’m also a blogger, I write articles about website and designs. I love sharing my experience through writing. I’m interested in traveling, and it’s one of my goals now, and maybe vlog it if I can. If you’re going to ask me, I already have two travel videos on my Youtube channel(lol), not enough to build a travel blog. I also like taking pictures, although I’m not a good photographer, but still I’m trying to take beautiful photos.

A Wannabe Photographer

This are some of my beautiful photos I’m talking about. What do you think, you can hire me as your photographer(lol)? Well, don’t do it, I know someone who’s best in this field, I just want to share some of my photos.

Still Practicing!!

As you may know, I always want to learn new skills, explore new things. Sometimes you get exhausted in some thing that you always do, and you need some rest.

This is why I started learning how to draw. I’m starting to invest my small time in drawing, I really enjoying it.