Frequently Asked Questions

Design & Development

I’m using WordPress CMS for my websites.

I focus on serving those start-up professionals like lawyers, doctors, real estate brokers, restaurant  owners, etc. who would like to have their online presence and start their business.

I can develop e-commerce websites, appointment booking websites, serviced-base websites and blogging websites. If you are not sure what you actually need, just ask me and I can help you.

Yes, we can use a page builder if you require.

This will always depend on the project scope, some of my projects take 3-8 weeks of development. Most of the time, the reason why the project takes longer is because of the content preparation for the site.

Fees & Payment

As a freelancer, I am open in both terms. If you want a fixed pricing then it’s okay. If you have small task that needs to be done or need to be fix, you can just pay for the time I have rendered for your task.

My hourly rate fee is ₱650.00(PHP).

Yes, there’s an ongoing fee for your annual hosting and domain plan but for your website, you just pay your fee and that’s it, no monthly fees. However, if you want additional features for your website that is not included in the agreement, then there’s an additional fee for that.


I’m using Siteground for my website and some of my clients. I recommend Siteground for my client most of the time, you can check my post why I recommend Siteground.

At the moment, I do not have email subscription. But if you want to keep updated, you can follow my social medias, I constantly updating it.

PLEASE contact me if you have concerns or inquiries. I will be more than happy to assist you.

Need a Website or Graphics?