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I’m open for part-time web design and website development jobs. If you need someone who can work for your company or for your business, you can hire me personally as your web design guy.

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I’m Egoy Magnaye, I am a web designer and developer with over 5 years of experience in building websites. I specialize mostly in WordPress. I create e-commerce, booking and other types of websites.

My Services

Web Design and Website Development - Affordable Website Services in the Philippines - Egoy Magnaye

Web Design & Development

Your website is the online face of your business, it tells about your products, your services and everything you do. Creating websites start with proper planning but sometimes it gets complicated, I'm here to help you simplify things and build your websites while you're doing what's important to you, your business.

Graphic Design - Cheap Graphic Design in the Philippines - Egoy Magnaye

Graphic Design

A good graphic design must deliver the message you want them to feel and see about your services or your products. I will make sure that your infographics will motivate your customer and clients so that it will properly serve its purpose for gaining engagements and attractions.

Logo and Branding - Professional Logo & Branding - Egoy Magnaye

Logo Design & Branding

We know that every business must have a brand so that their product or services stand out from their competitors, a brand helps its clients distinguish in what kind of business they are. A poorly designed logo can easily affect your brand and your business. I will make sure your branding including your logo will properly present your business to your potential clients.

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