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I am offering affordable logo design and branding services.

Looking for a logo designer that will help you create your business logo? Enough with that “logo designer searching”, I can help you design your logo and build your brand identity in a more affordable yet professional way. I’ve been designing and creating a logo for almost three years and helping businesses with their brand whether it is a corporate or small business.

Logo Design & Branding of Egoy Magnaye

Why Choose Me?

Professional logo designer icon - Egoy Magnaye


There are so many logo designers competing to get you as their client, as a freelance logo designer, I always make sure that you are always satisfied with my service.

Affordable logo design in the Philippines - Egoy Magnaye


Limited budget? That’s all right! I am here to help you create your business logo in a more affordable way.

Fast turnover of logo design and branding - Egoy Magnaye

Fast Turnover

Why settle for slow logo design process? If you can get your logo in just 1 week or less. As long as we have a good communication, we will not have any problem.

My Process


First process of my logo design - Gathering information

Gathering Information

I will send you a creative brief about what you want for your logo. This will give me some helpful information on what shall I do with the logo design and branding.


Second process of my design - Creating and Designing

Create and Design

If all concerns are clear, I will start creating and designing your logo based on your requirements.


Third process of my logo design - Revisions


I need to make sure you are happy with your logo, but mistakes and issues are normal in the design process that’s why revisions are part of the process.


Fourth process of my logo design - Logo Handover


If you are happy with your logo, I will prepare it for the handover process. I will give you the assets, brand guidelines, and of course your new logo.

Some of my Logo Projects

Logo for perfume online store - Ellewin Perfume

Ellewin Parfum

Logo for online store - Native Emilia

Native Emilia

Logo for school, college and university - Department of Tourism Management

Department of Tourism Management

Logo for apparel online store - The Fur Pub Apparel

The Fur Pub Apparel

What Will You Get?

  • Your Logo - Up to 3 logo version, so you will have options.
  • Your Brand Guidelines
You will get the Logo Design and Brand Guidelines - Egoy Magnaye


How much is your logo design and branding service?

This depends on the complexity and your requirements for your brand and logo. Let me know what you need so I can give a proper quotation.

What’s your payment term?

My payment term for logo design and branding is fixed pricing. Before I start working, I am requesting an initial payment which is 40% of the total price of our agreement, then the rest(60%) is after the final revision.

Still Got Questions?

No worries, kindly fill out the form with your concerns and I’m happy to answer all of it.

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