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18 Major Features of my Appointment Booking Website Service

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Are you a law consultant that offers a financial and tax planning consultations? Do you have a private clinic offering healthcare like dental and medical check-ups? Are you offering professional repair services like plumbing, electrical installations, automobile repair, etc.? Do you have a grooming and beauty salons? Are you a professional gym and yoga instructor? These are some of the industries that need appointment booking websites. These professionals offer certain services to their client. If you want to accept appointments for your business, it’s the best time to get a website that will let your clients book your services.

Before hiring or getting an appointment booking website developer, you need to know what to expect for your booking website. In this post, I will tackle all the important features of my appointment booking website development service. This list will help you decide if my service is a proper choice for your business.

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Search interface for bookings

A convenient search-like interface to look for a suitable service, employee and time by choosing one or more filter criteria.

Sample Appointment Booking Search
Step-by-step booking wizards

An alternative way of scheduling appointments by choosing one parameter(service, employee, date) at each step.

Sample Step-by-Step Booking
Support for multiple services and service categories

No matter how many different services do you provide, you can add all of them to your appointment booking website, configuring individual duration, price, and other parameters.

Support for service extras

Configure extra services, or special treatments provided additionally with a service, which can optionally raise the service price.

Book appointments from the back-end

If your customers book over the phone, you can quickly add their reservations to the database through the admin panel.

Group appointment bookings

Appointments do not always have to be individual – Your booking website supports group bookings as well (e.g., for group excursions). Each service can have minimum and maximum capacity.

Buffer time before and after service

Configure buffer time, required before and after the service, if the employees need some preparation before, or clean-up after an appointment.

Manage multiple employees

Keep employees contact data in the database, manage individual load and performance, configure personal working schedule and days off.

Configure global working hours, breaks and days off for the company

Enter your standard business hours, non-working days and bank holidays, and each new employee will have this schedule by default, which you can adjust individually later.

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Manage multiple locations

If you have several business locations, you can efficiently manage this within your website, storing contact data, address, and geolocation.

Create customer accounts from the back-end

While creating a new appointment, you can quickly create a new user account for your customer, so he/she could later book with it.

Configure minimum time required before booking and before canceling

Depending on your business, configure the periods for bookings and cancellations.

Accept payments online

Who doesn’t like getting paid for your professional service? Your booking website supports Paypal, the most popular payment system in the world. It supports the Stripe payment system also.

Discounts coupons for booking

Create and track usage of discount coupons – for all or some specific services, with a particular usage limit, a fixed amount discount or percentage.

Full financial details for your payments

A single database of all payments where you can check each payment status (finalized or pending), payment gateway (on site, PayPal, Stripe), total amount, discount, and other information.

Insightful dashboard and reporting

Keep an eye on how your business performs – track the most important financial and conversion-related KPIs through charts in a dashboard.

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Google Calendar Synchronization

Let your employees keep track of all appointments in their own Google Calendar.

Automated notifications

Send e-mail notifications to customers and employees – when an appointment is booked, pending, canceled, rejected, birthday greeting, appointment follow-up, and other.

These are the major features of my appointment booking website service. As you can see, all you need to start and run your booking website was included in my service already. If you are interested or you have questions or concerns, just let me know.

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