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Media – Part 3 | Beginner’s Guide For WordPress

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We know that a website that has content and no visuals at all is kinda boring, that’s why WordPress add a feature where you can upload and manage all your media in one admin page and use this media throughout your website.

The Media section was dedicated to all the images, videos, audio, files, etc. All your uploaded file was saved and you can view it here.

The Media page

To upload, just drag and drop the file, the media page will turn blue indicating that you are uploading something ing the Media page.

Drag your files or images to upload

When you click the file, a popup window will appear and shows you the file details such as the file name, the file type, file size, etc. You can also add some details like file title, captions and alt text for images.

File attachment information popup

The ListView & the Grid View

By default, you will have a grid view of your media, but you can always choose between the different views, it depends on your preference. In my case, I find the grid view more convenient when I am browsing my media library, while the list views are more convenient when I am deleting multiple attachments.

Switch button for Media View