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Menus – Part 9 | Beginner’s Guide For WordPress

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Knowing the Menus section is really important when you have a WordPress website. You can create navigation links in this section which you can use in the front-end of your website. These navigation links help your user surf your website pages.

To access the Menus section, log in first to your admin pages. Then go to the Menus page by hovering your mouse in the “Appearance” menu item then click the “Menus” sub menu item. You will get redirected to the menus page.

The menus page

Before we create a menu, let’s take a look at the two(2) tabs in this page:

The two tab in Menus page

Edit Menus – This tab is responsible for creating your menu and assigning that menu to a display location.

Manage Location – This tab is used for assigning your menu to specific display location, which you can also do in the Edit Menus tabs.

For this tutorial, since we can add menus and assign the menu in a certain location in the Edit Menus tab, we are just going to focus on this tab and not in the Manage Location tab.

There are two sections in the Edit Menus tabs; Add menu items and Menu Structure.

The “Add menu items” section is basically the list of all the links of your web pages, blog posts, categories, etc. You can add also custom links if you have an external link.

Add website & customs links

The “Menu structure” is responsible for creating the menu and assign it in the display location. Now let’s add a menu, first add your menu name.

The menu structure

To add a menu item, choose the menu item in the “Add menu items” section by checking the menu item checkbox then click the “Add to Menu” button.

Depending on your theme, you can have a multi-tier of your menu, this means you can have sub menu items in your menu. Just drag the menu item a little bit to the right to make it a submenu item.

Add a sub menu by dragging it to the right

After you set up your menu items, you need to assign it to a display location. Basically, a display location is where your menu items will reside. For example, a display location can be in the main header of the website, or in the footer. This will always depend on the theme installed.

Add your menu to a display location

To assign a menu in a display location, just check the display location checkboxes. Most of the times, themes will have a display location called “Primary”. This display location will always be the main navigation or the header menu of the site. Now let’s try to assign our created menu on the Primary display location and let’s check the front-end of our website.

Menu in the front-end

Adding a menu is so easy with WordPress, you just need to know the basic process.

Just A Quick Note: Display Locations will always depend on the theme installed.