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Posts – Part 2 | Beginner’s Guide For WordPress

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The “Posts” section is one of the oldest admin pages in WordPress since this cms was meant for blogging purposes. This section in your admin page let you add new blog posts in your website. To access the posts section, log in first to your back-end pages. Click the “Posts” menu item on the left side of the back-end page, this will bring you to the list of all the blog posts you have.

In this page, you can add a new blog post by clicking the “Add New” button or you can add also by clicking the “Add New” menu item on the right side.

Blog post listing page

(Add the screenshot of Posts page) – OKAY

When you click one of your blog posts, you will get redirected to the edit post page where you can edit or change the content of your blog. In this page, you can:

  • edit the blog title
  • edit the content
  • change the blog URL
  • add the featured image of your blog
  • change the status & visibility of the post
  • sign the blog post to different categories and tags
Page for editing blog post

Grouping your posts is a must when your blog grow, that’s why WordPress created the Category feature where you can create multiple categories and assign your post to it. To add a new category, go to categories page by clicking the “Categories” menu item.

By default, you already have a category – “Uncategorized”, you cannot delete this category. To add a category, complete the form in this page:

Page for adding blog categories

Tags are another way how you can group your blog posts. To add a tag, Click the “Tags” menu item, you will then presented by a form and the list of your tags. Fill out the form to add a tag.

Page for adding tags

To add these categories and tags in your post, go back to the list of your blog posts and choose the post you want the category/tag to be assigned. And look for Categories/Tags section in the left side then select your category and tag then hit the “Update” button in the upper left of the edit post page.

Adding a categories and tags