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Siteground Review 2019 – Why I Recommend This Web Hosting?

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Siteground Review for 2019 - Best Web Hosting for WordPress

Heads Up:

My post may contain affiliate links! If you buy something through one of those links, you won’t pay a penny more, but I will get a small commission, which helps me support my blog and share more good stuff. Thanks!

Siteground is a well-known web hosting platform that hosts millions of websites. If you are just starting out and need a reliable hosting platform, Siteground is one of your best choices when it comes to choosing your web hosting. In fact, WordPress that powers 33% of websites in the world wide web trust Siteground as one of the best platform for WordPress CMS.

Best web hosting platform. Siteground is trusted by millions of site owners.
Siteground Trusted By 1,200,000 Site Owners

I started using Siteground last year(2018), and so far I have no issues with them. The reason why I switched to Siteground was because one of my clients recommended this hosting to me also(lol, yes my client knows a lot). I’m about to renew my annual bill for Bluehost when they told me that they switched to Siteground from Bluehost, they told me Bluehost is a bit slower for their website. Well, in my case I don’t have issues with Bluehost at all, but why not give the Siteground a try. So, I purchased the Siteground GrowBig package plan that supports unlimited websites with up to 25k monthly visitors.

Before I proceed, I just want to tell you that this article may not compete with those other review sites that have a lot of testing procedures before they can compare different web hosting company. I just want to share my experience using this web hosting, and share with you if what they offering on their website is true.

Set-Up Your Own Website With Ease!

Almost every popular web hosting said it’s easy to start a website on their platform. Well for Siteground, Yes It’s So Easy! Siteground offers website auto-installer for WordPress. If you want to set up your own website using this hosting platform, Siteground will provide an easy to understand interface where you can add a WP website in one of your domains. In just a few clicks, your WordPress website is ready to be used.

Softaculous - Siteground WordPress Autoinstaller
Softaculous – Siteground easy WP auto-installer

Although Siteground provides an easy WordPress installer, you still need to configure and need to fix your website in terms of design and customizations and that is easy too. Siteground has the pre-installed plugin that will help you choose some free themes that you can use for your website. Some free themes have pre-installed templates which you can edit yourself.

Transfer Your Website For FREE

As a developer, we need to know how to transfer/migrate a website from different hosting servers, it’s a must for us. So if a client wants their website to be transferred we can do it for them. But when I switched to Siteground, they handle all the migration work for me, they migrated it all from my old hosting: databases, files, subdomains, FTP accounts, and emails. This saves me a lot of time and efforts. Just a quick note that free WP transfer service is only available in GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

Website Transfer - Siteground Service
Siteground Service – Website Transfer

Although the free website migration service work for only one(1) website, if you have a lot of website in your old hosting that needs to be transferred to Siteground, don’t worry they still got your back, for as low as $30 per website, they can migrate it for you(or you ask me for a migration service).

Siteground Manage The Security And Updates Of Your Websites.

Security is one of the important features that you must need if you are looking for a hosting platform because an unsecured hosting server can ruin your website and at the same, your business.

Siteground said “We manage the security of your sites at server and application level”, is it true? Well, to be honest, I’ve never worked as a system administrator in their company so I can’t tell if what they are saying is true. If we are going to base the answer in my own experience using this hosting platform when it comes to security I don’t have any issues at all and also I have other clients who use this hosting and they don’t have any issues with their website.

Is that all? Are you just going to believe me with just that? Of course, it’s always up to you. What I can say is when you purchase one of their plans; every website you have, will get an SSL Certificates, this will add a new layer of security for your websites.

Free and https or SSL Certificates for WordPress website
SSL Certificates for all your websites hosted by Siteground.

Did you know that SSL Certificates is very important in a website that search engines such as Google added new criteria(having a website SSL Certificate) in their search engine ranking process?

Lastly, hosting servers is not the only thing you need to measure for security. Since WordPress is powered by different plugins and themes, you still need to include this as one of the factors when it comes to securing your website. We know that popular hosting companies work so hard to maintain their servers so their customer is satisfied with their services, but a simple plugin/theme that is not updated can open new vulnerabilities and make your website hack. Siteground got your back with this issue, they have an auto-updater feature where they will update your plugins and themes for you, it seems simple but its an important task for a WordPress website owner.

Best web hosting company, mighty security, insane speed, guru support and crafted with care

My only concern for this Auto-Updater feature is, what if a certain plugin has a major update, and another plugin is dependent to that plugin. These plugins have different developers, so what if the developer of one plugin has the updates already but the others don’t have and the auto-updater feature trigger. This may seem confusing, but this happens sometimes: plugin updates incompatibility.”

TOP-RATED WordPress Hosting Support!

Well in my first-year experience using Siteground, as far as I can remember I only reached their support 4-5 times with no major issues at all. I remember the first time I reached them via chat support is because of my concern about the website migration, other reason maybe domain and SSL concerns.

Expert and Top Rated Web Hosting Support
Expert and Top Rated Web Hosting WordPress Support

If I were you, one of the things you will look for if you’re looking for a web hosting company is their support. Support is very important, most especially for those beginners with not enough technical knowledge about the tools/platform they’re going to use. I can’t remember I gave Siteground less than 4-star ratings, they addressed all my concerns and I’m really satisfied with them.

Best website Web hosting company, mighty security, insane speed, guru support and crafted with care

Although this may seem too basic, a support must be available 24/7, whether it’s via chat or via phone. If something happens in your website, in just a click of a button, they must be always there to help you. Trust me, I’ve experienced it a lot, the stress due to an unexpected website problem and the support is not available and I have to report the updates to my client – welcome stress!!! Don’t worry this is another web hosting company, not Siteground.

Since I don’t have issues with my websites, reaching them is not my day to day task, #justsaying.

Affordable Web Hosting Plans!!

At some point, their web hosting prices is really cheap if you’re just starting out. You can have a website for just $3.95 per month with their StartUp package plan. Although this is so cheap, I’m not recommending it, I’m recommending the GrowBig plan which is only $5.95 per month and you’ll have unlimited websites in your hosting which is very affordable.

Sounds good right? But wait, Siteground and I want to be transparent to you. The special price $5.95 per month of GrowBig plan is good for your first year only, and the regular price is $19.95/mo. Is it bad? Well for me, not at all. Why? Because the reason why you want a website is that you want to expand your business capabilities, and you as the business owner, you will not stop until your business earn more. This may seem basic reasoning, but it’s the reality, you build your business for something not for nothing.

When it comes to features you’ll get in these plans: You’ll get unlimited websites, that supports 25,000 visits monthly. You’ll have free WP installer, FREE SSL Certificates, free daily backups, free custom emails and many more.

Affordable Web Hosting Plans for WordPress CMS
Affordable Web Hosting Plans for WordPress CMS

Believe me, $19.95/mo is not that much for you and remember, the $19.95 is on your second year, just enjoy the $5.95 for now and get your business running!!

So that’s it, I think you all got my point in this article. This all I can say about this web hosting and I just want to share it with you. I’m really satisfied and happy with this web hosting company, that’s why I recommend it to my clients and to you also. From support to advance functionalities of a web hosting platform, Siteground got all of it.

Get A Reliable Web Hosting

Crafted with care

Do you have any issues with your hosting, or you are already happy with Siteground why not share it to us using the comment form below.