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Tools – Part 11 | Beginner’s Guide For WordPress

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Do you use different blogging platforms such as Blogger, Blogroll, or Tumblr? And you want to migrate your blogs in WordPress? The Tools section is your friend for content migration. WordPress offers different tools for you to use if you want to migrate your content to WordPress. This section contains helper tools like Available Tools, Import, Export, Erase, and Export Personal Data.

Available Tools – This sub menu page contains all the tools installed in your Tools section. If you have a fresh install WordPress, you will just see a Categories and Tags Converter which you need to install first before you can use the converter.

Categories and Tags Converter

Import – This sub menu page contains all the “import” tools that you can use for migrating content from other popular blogging platforms like Blogger. You have to install first the import tool before you can use it.

List of Import plugins

Export – This tool lets export your website content, then use it on another WordPress website. By default, you can export Posts, Pages, and Media.

This page let you export your posts

Export and Erase Personal Data – This is a new section in WordPress that was added last year(2018). When the topic “User’s Privacy” heated up the internet, every website must follow a certain regulation so that their business will not get penalized. General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is a regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states, for more info you can check this article.

So what is the connection of GDPR to WordPress?

Well as you may already know, WordPress powers 33% of the websites on the web, a lot of businesses that use WordPress offers their services and products to the EU citizens. To keep up with this regulation, the WordPress core must be GDPR compliance so that businesses who use this cms will not get penalized by the said regulation.

Export Personal Data page
Erase Personal Data page