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Why WordPress Is Not Just A Content Management System For Blogging?

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In my previous post, I explained the Woocommerce extension that lets you convert your simple website into an e-commerce website and help you sell your product online. But how about WordPress itself where you will install this online store plugin. In this post, I will explain what is WordPress and what it can do besides blogging.

Before, WordPress is just a mere blogging platform. It started in 2003 but still a widely used content management system today. It is an open source (it’s free) website creation tool that let you manage your content easily.

One of the interesting things about this platform is that you are not limited to what you want for your website. Many developers extend the functionality of WordPress by creating plugins or themes. By choosing the right extensions, you are turning your simple WordPress website in a whole new level. Now let’s talk about the potential functionality that an extended WordPress can do, let’s start with a common one.

E-commerce Website

Of course, I will include e-commerce in this article, because it’s what I usually do. With the help of Woocommerce, a free e-commerce extension for WordPress, your website will have the capability to sell your product online. You can sell physical to digital products, with multiple payment methods, shipping rule availability, product reviews, discounts and coupons, and many more e-commerce functionality just by installing this plugin in your WordPress site.

Job Board

If you’re a recruitment agency, a company, or entrepreneurs who want to create a job board, WordPress can help you achieve this easily. WPJobBoard is a plugin build for WordPress that provide a job board functionalities like applicant tracking system, an advanced search engine for job search (you search job by location, job type, keyword, date, or even job categories), an employer portal, and many more. Check WPJobBoard website for complete list of features.

Your Own Community Website

How about making your own community-driven site or let say social media, BuddyPress is a WordPress plugin that provides a full set of functionalities of a social networking site. When installed, it enabled a member registration, private conversation, notifications, user profiles, create and interact with groups and many more.

Real Estate Listing Website

WordPress functionality can also be extended as a property listing website, there are several themes created to make your website as a property listing, but a plugin can really provide a wide set of functionalities for this kind of website, check the WP-Property plugin. Based on the plugin’s website, it’s not just for a house property listing, it can showcase any kind of entity you want, from livestock, golf carts, to properties and products.

Multi-Vendor Website or a Marketplace

Although the multi-vendor website is another form of e-commerce, I still include this because marketplace website has a slight difference from a normal e-commerce website. It allows other people to sell their products into your website, more like Lazada, Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay. This functionality is achievable by using Woocommerce extended by another plugin like Dokan Multi-Vendor or Woocommerce Product Vendor.

Directory Listing

Just like real estate listing, it allows businesses list their business to a directory website this allows users to search quickly what is available near them, for example, restaurants, mall, movie theater, club, or any other type of services available that can be listed. Some of the well-known directory listings are Yelp and TripAdvisor. Converting your WordPress website into a directory listing website is not that hard, there are plugins already developed to achieve this. GEO Directory plugin can turn your WordPress website into a directory listing website, it let you add million of business listing for free although there are some premium add-ons if you want to extend the functionality of your directory website.

As you can see, WordPress can do anything, it’s just a matter of choosing the right plugin for you to extend its functionality. Do you have something in mind or any alternative uses of the WordPress CMS? Just leave your thought in the comment section below.  

Egoy Magnaye

Egoy Magnaye

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog. I write articles about website and designs, I also create websites and graphic works. If you have questions, kindly ask me, and I’m glad to help you.

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Hi everyone! I’m Egoy Magnaye, welcome to my blog. I write articles about website and designs, I also create websites and graphic works. If you have questions, kindly ask me, and I’m glad to help you.

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