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Widgets – Part 8 | Beginner’s Guide For WordPress

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Widgets is a helper feature of WordPress, it is a small block that perform specific functions. Have you seen a website with a sidebar section, take a look at the right side of this blog post, you can see a search input box, a content with text & image, that is a widget.

By default, WordPress offers a lot of helpful widgets for you to use. There is an image widget which let you add an image from your media library, there is a search widget, recent post widget, a video widget and many more.

Before we can add a widget, you need to know first the “widget area“. Basically, the widget area is where you can drag and drop the widget. Widgets that was in the widget area was used in the front-end of your site, popular themes already added this in your website such as the sidebar section, the footer section, etc.

Just A Quick Note: Plugins and themes can add new widgets and widget areas.

The Widgets page

To add a widget, log in first to your admin pages. Go to the Widgets page by hovering your mouse in the “Appearance” menu item then click the “Widgets” sub menu item. You will get redirected to the widgets page where you can see all the available widgets.

Now to add a widget, look for the widget you want in the widget collection then click the widget, then choose the widget area where you want to your widget to be assigned.

Adding widgets to the widgets area
The widget is now added in the widget area

You can now customize or edit your widget. Add some widget title then save your widget. Now go to the front-end of your site by clicking your website name in the upper left corner of your admin page.

Your Website Name

Find the section where your widget area is located and check your widgets there. In my case, the widget area is located in the footer of my website.

Your newly added widget