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Woocommerce – Perfect Solution For Startup Business Who Want To Sell Online

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Selling your product online is a common thing nowadays, we know that it’s a hassle-free if we are going to sell our products while sitting in our sofa rather than going outside and do our sales talk. Some seller prefers posting their products in their social media because it’s free while others start their own online shop website.

There are so many e-commerce websites in the online world, most of the popular e-commerce websites, are Lazada, Zalora, Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. This leading e-commerce website was developed, maintained and enhanced by large numbers of developers, programmers and system administrators for it to run smoothly and meet their customer’s expectations.

So how about us? We are just starting to enter the e-commerce industry, and we don’t have that enough budget to hire a large number of developers that can build the website for us. Luckily, there is so many pre-developed e-commerce systems that can help us build our own online shop website. Some of the popular e-commerce platforms are Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, and Bigcommerce.

We are going to talk about Woocommerce only in this post and as a Woocommerce website developer, I’m going to explain the benefits of using this platform as your number 1 tool in selling your own products.

First, let’s talk about what is Woocommerce. Basically, Woocommerce is an e-commerce extension of the popular WordPress CMS, it powers over 28% of online stores around the globe (check Woocommerce website and Ecommerce Usage Statistics by BuiltWith). Woocommerce let you sell any kinds of product you want, whether it’s a physical product or digital.

I listed below the 9 reason why Woocommerce is the perfect solution for business startups.

Woocommerce is FREE

Yes, this flexible e-commerce platform is completely free. Even though it’s free, Woocommerce offers extensive ecommerce features out of the box, you can add your own product, set shipping rule, add your payment method, check your product orders, it let you cross-sell and up-sell your product and many more.

Content First

Woocommerce is an extension for WordPress, and WordPress is a content-rich blogging platform. Imagine you have a blogging and e-commerce website at one, it means the more relevant content you have the more sales for your business because content drive sales. It will always depend on how you will promote and optimize your website content.

Features and Integrations

As I said, Woocommerce is a free e-commerce plugin with so many features to offer, however your online store need to scale to keep up with your customer needs. Woocommerce is so popular that many developers extend the plugin’s functionality. For example, Woocommerce by default has 4 payment method ( Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Cheque ), then, later on, you decided to add a payment gateway that can accept credit card payments directly in your website, Paypal Braintree or Stripe can help you with this. There are so many plugins that can extend your Woocommerce functionality, it will always depend on your store needs.

Flexible shipping options

When your customer order a product in your online store, there must be a way on how to add shipping options for your customer, Woocommerce has different shipping rules like Flat Rate, Free Shipping, and Local Pickup. You can also set different shipping zone, like in Location B has a different shipping cost in Location A.

Discounts and Coupons

We know that there is a high possibility of sales when a store offers a percentage discount on their products. Woocommerce by default has this feature already, you can set discounts for your product or add coupon codes for discounts.

Sell Anything That You Can Imagine

This plugin gives you the ability to add any product, from physical like a t-shirt, or digital like soundtracks, Woocommerce can handle it. By default, it has 4 types of product: simple, variable, affiliate/external, and group product.

Store Analytics

As an online seller, you have to know everything about your store performance. Woocommerce offers reliable reports about your store, it can show the total sales of your store, what product earns most, the top customers that buy from you, and your stocks. With these features included by default, Woocommerce will really help you manage your store properly.

Support Payment Gateways

If you’re planning to sell online, then there must be a way how your customer can pay you. This platform offers several payment methods by default (I have mentioned it in Features and Integration section). Your customer will have a virtual cart where they can add their products, and a checkout page where they can pay. Woocommerce support Paypal, where you can accept major credit card payments.

Last But Not The Least: Developers Availability

Woocommerce is an e-commerce extension for WordPress, that powers millions of online shop around the globe. There are so many developers that can help you develop your own online shop, and that includes me. Most of my projects used Woocommerce platform. I have created an online market for seafood, and a booking website for rest houses in Indonesia.

There are so many e-commerce platforms available, but if you are just starting to sell your products online, I will suggest that you try this platform, there are so many themes and extensions that can help you grow your store, and if you need a customized look or you need your online shop there are so many developers and designers that can help you achieve your goals, and that includes me. You can check all my portfolio if you’re interested in using Woocommerce and WordPress as your online store platform. 

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask me, I’m happy to answer all your inquiries and questions.

Egoy Magnaye

Egoy Magnaye

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog. I write articles about website and designs, I also create websites and graphic works. If you have questions, kindly ask me, and I’m glad to help you.

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Hi everyone! I’m Egoy Magnaye, welcome to my blog. I write articles about website and designs, I also create websites and graphic works. If you have questions, kindly ask me, and I’m glad to help you.

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