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WordPress Walk-through Introduction | Beginner’s Guide For WordPress

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In my other post, I showed you the process on how we can install a WordPress in your hosting account specifically for Siteground. Now, we are going to see what is inside on a fresh-install WordPress website and what you can do with it. We are going to have a walk-through and familiarize with this cms.

WordPress.ORG website - Download WordPress
WordPress.ORG website

For those who are not familiar with WordPress, WordPress is a content management system(cms) that was originally developed for the purpose of blogging. Nowadays, WordPress can do anything aside from blogging, in fact, it powers 33% of the web. Businesses use WordPress to create e-commerce websites that let them sell anything online, use to create membership sites, you can also create directory listing website such as Yelp, or why not create your own booking website and let your clients and customers book your services, create e-learning applications and many more. This is just some of the popular usage of WordPress, but before we can build complicated websites and applications with WordPress, we need to know how this cms work from the front-end and the back-end of your website.

WordPress is trusted by 33% of website users | Need WordPress Developer? I can do WordPress website for you.

Before we proceed, I just want to explain these two(2) basic CMS terminologies, because you might encounter these terms many times:

Front-end – It is the term used for referring front pages of your website, this is what your users(client or customer) actually see, it’s the online face of your business. The common front-end pages are about us page, the contact us, the home page, products and services pages, and blog post pages.

Back-end – Since WordPress is a content management system, there must be a way on how you can manage your content. The back-end is the term used for referring administrator pages, this is where you can add new front-end pages, add new blog posts, change some of the settings of your website, install plugins and themes and many more administrator stuff.

WordPress is a widely used website creation platform, it is a huge topic to tackle. So to explain and teach this cms properly I will separate each important section in multiple articles. For your convenience, I included all the separated posts.

Egoy Magnaye

Egoy Magnaye

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog. I write articles about website and designs, I also create websites and graphic works. If you have questions, kindly ask me, and I’m glad to help you.

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Hi everyone! I’m Egoy Magnaye, welcome to my blog. I write articles about website and designs, I also create websites and graphic works. If you have questions, kindly ask me, and I’m glad to help you.

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